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Am now back in Melbourne for another 4 months or 5. Nothing seems to change here down under, other than the familiar loft, complete with three farm animals and a room mate, which no longer exists. The Southbank apartment I am now staying is actually rather cozy though. I've managed to create a space in the living room, and am using my mobile clothes rack as a shield from the living room/kitchen. Definitely much better than the Hong Kong one. It's cold here though, encouraging me to look for food every now and then. But I know deep down inside my heart, its neither the place nor the weather that's keeping me cold. I've got a farm to attend to (Btw mango is gramaphone-ed). Meanwhile, me, absolut and vodka cand keep ourselves rather cripsy and warm.
Sigh, your post makes me feel cold too..

I miss you...

At least you're flying around the world =)

see you year end...

Hot Hot Hot Here!!

you drunk!
can i visit u again?
anytime! =) you planning to come again meh?
I'm game to fly anywhere as long as there's cheap cheap tickets. lol.
we miss you!
i second!
see how la
yeah i will finally see you year end hor. dun tell me you not gg back to sg this christmas!
change your flight and come melb visit me!
knowing you're in all our thoughts should keep you CRIPSY and warm too :D muak!
i past by a shop selling click clock and i was so tempted to buy and open myself =P
Am sure u still can sleep well with the drinks u have ... :P Miss u ..
hee hee am sure i can sleep well without the distractions of the 24 series
Hahahha thats totally not true... i still get my 3 - 4 hours of sleep everyday... :P
Life here in hk feel quite different without you... in terms of going to flying pan, walking in CWB, things like that... i miss you.. take care sweets.. :)
bengy doggie still in SG?

oh, maybe i try to save money. then end of the year go melbourne? :P
yeah bengy still in sg ah. i will be back before mid-dec. so dun plan anything before that you're coming =P
woah so fast huh? i finish exams on 20th nov. since this is the case, see you in clubs in december! :)