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Finally, after so long, the minority supporters are going to throw a celebration... Dynacarnival.. with dance numbers inspired by Moulin Rouge! Tickets from www.sistic.com.sg/tkevents/kelly02.htm selling at $51, $66, $81 and $121.

Date: 13 Dec 2002
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 8pm

Kelly Chen live in Concert

Anyone wants to go with me? =)
Binny,remember our 'yue hui' hahah.....we r going with lanbor rt!?
yeah baby! how much do you want
hmmm....tot u wanted the most expensive one??
Yeah i do... but i dunno whether the subsidies granted are enough hahahahahhaha.... =P
Heh was about to add you to my friends list, then realised you added me liao :P
Sorry about mahjong session yesterday, was really tired so I just snored away... lol
haha.. yeah you were so tired.
anyway tell ted that i was not angry with him... i was just bored and talking nonsence.... yuwen says ted thought i was pissed.. i was not even for a minute
Heh no problem... heard that you won money that night huh? Can go lim zui at whynot this weekend again lor :P
haha dun think that amount can buy much anyway.... but think i will go down .. haha you going down?
don't forget me...
what's the ticket price you want?
anything... see what the majority wants...
but def not the most ex one hor...
i was thinking of getting the most ex one! hahahaha