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No more long, silky, uncurly hair. Snipped away the straight ends (much to the cow's delight).

oooh!! short and boyish!!! :P
see i told ya it's nicer than your old girly hairstyle... :P
hanor... want his hair to blow in the wind... act glam only!
:: does an "unfaithful" ::

now now dun throw a hissyfit...
cock thumbs up!
I wouldnt say his previous hairdo was bad...it had its own character.
But Im all for the short clean look so....SHOOO KEWT!!!
hahaha are you trying to imitate my "shooo kewt" ?? keke it's copyrighted okieS!!!

sigh i miss sydney so much
Sydney misses you too dear!

Wrong state le! Come here for final sem lo
final semester already started cannot change lor! SOBZ!

maybe i should go up to sydney soon hahaha
so butch! :D
i suppose it's a good thing : D
I actually quite like the long hair.
but you look cute in everything! ;)
and thats the gospel truth! ;)
how come your apartment looks soooo empty now? where's the sofa?
the dogs ate it...
hahaha the sofa's still around ah... its at the corner of the living room...

after you left i moved the furniture quite a bit ... tee hee
i like :)
more boy boy look or army look si boh!
I see your dogs behind!!!!!!........ orgh..... your hair.... didnt see you when you were back.... so cannot judge.... I wanna go sydney too! never been there.... guess HK will have to do end sept...
haha i got post what, the sydney fotos, can see my hair there... oh well

hope to see you coming dec lor...

Have fun in HK dear!
Rebonding ur hair?
erm my hair now so short, how do rebond?? himbo leH!
wei, dun anyhow scold people hor .... dun u know that u are scolding someone who ever did rebonding when the length of his hair is not longer than 5cm.

u look very good in both loh... not the style, its the person mah.
Hahahaha so sweet your tongue!!!! MUAKS!
MANGO! ah ha! my 1st sighting of mango to scale! he's smaller than bengy????

(and your hair looks *fine* to me)
erm he's catching up with bengy already, even though bengy is like 1yr 3mths older!!!