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Waw, the hotel name super funny. Like the hokkien bad word.

What party was it? A regular night at the club or some event?
hahaha yeah lor... we were so amused by the name...

it's just a normal friday party at a club called midnight shift club...
so nice! I love the Manly Ferry one!
Is there a Womanly one? ;P
LOL unfortunately there isnt!!

most of the farmily members were here but you still havent visited us!!
its always the kids come visit the mama; where got the mama go visit the kids one. ;P
cant you make it an exception... erm like an excuse to go for a holiday ? keke
I see it and think of "Manly Faery" :P
wahhh so fun lah... i also wan! :P

will give u a ring soon and catch up!
heh! when are you coming ah? we go out!
I've been in Melb since Sunday hehe... but been busy settling in, so hopefully I'll catch u sometime this weekend. Lemme know your schedule! :)
hey you've already got my no. rite? i am rather free this week only at nights la. buzz me and let me know ya?
so envious of ur life there .... :)
You have a good life too dude... =)
That picture of jack will be burned in my memory forever!
how did Jack get up there??
Jack went to sydney to meet me cow and dalg mah.... now he's in melbourne with us.. leaving tomorrow sobz
I meant up there in that picture? ;P
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA he was dancing on the podium, the rest were sitting down mah hahaha

actually he was hanging down from a trapeez
he seems a little out of place, in a strange angle. ;)
it's soooooooo endearing!!
I am actually very happy to see all your smiling faces :D
heh i am always happy to see your smiling face too, not to mention your very cute user pic..
The Grinch came a bit too early this year!
HAHAHAHA!!! so evil!!
the caption was supposed to be "be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"... sound of san francisco was playing in the background at the time.
anyway got many many pics to send you, trying to get them zipped up, and will send you soon ok ? =P
send me too!!
NONSENSE! it's how cute! Me likey!
jack's on the podium again....
::looks around::

but no dancing into_the_wild
la la la...
I never thought of Manly Ferry that way! HAHA!
haha that's why we are gay and you r not?
Oysters! :P~

I also have a photo of CB Hotel, taken by my boy when we were in Syd.. what's up with you blokes, so easily amused by that hotel name :P
i have never tasted such yummy oysters before lor!!! urrggh

how have you been? what subjects you taking this sem ms smarty hee?
Shiok right.. I'm going again in Dec with my parents so they can pig out on the oysters too :)

No mediacomm subjects this sem.. doing Television Cultures as a M&C optional, the rest of my subjects are for my gender studies major. What about you?
ah.. no wonder i didnt see you around...

I am doing all media comm core subjects, cos i am applying for exchange next semester...

so damn fun hor!
WAIT! 2nd pic! was Sheep doing the 'Chang'er finger' ? keeke
u r quite sharp! hee no one noticed that!
MEOW! =p!