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remember to kiss the moopsy poo
Oh God, please tell me that's not yours.
My iBook feels threatened..
hahaha yes it's mine. just upgraded my imac g4 to g5 =P
I hate you. *sniff* It's so pretty...

Btw, I was talking to Maya after tute yesterday and happened to mention that I use a Mac, and she said she was thinking of buying one! I think she's quite gian already.. just emailed her a few links, to the Switch site and to the educational pricing. Hee.
hahaha yeah i have lusted over it since it came out quite some time ago.... quite happy =)

yeah and it was bought using the educational pricing thingy. can save quite a few hundred... shucks i am still quite lost about my essay.. good luck with yours!
I still prefer the old iMac G3s, the ones that look like gumdrops. Retro flavours! Hoping to score a 2nd hand iMac DV Ruby when I go back to SG.

And I dunno what essay you talking about man, I have like a shitload of books from the Bailieu all over my floor and haven't read them yet. Dieeee.
yeah i love those too... uni mel was getting rid of them last year for like really cheap under 100 bucks but when i was there they were all sold out haha... find on ebay quite easy to find

i havent even borrowed much books
i just realised you changed your nick!!! why ah! hahaha


new boyfriend??
so unfair!
life is fair leh jie jie! u are prettier than me mah!
yeah loh even parking attendant earn more than me!
the thing is they pay much here for almost any silly thing!!! hahahaha and convert to singapore dollars i think the pay here is quite good lor. maybe i stay here and work next time hahaha ( but no life )
save then come back work for URA as the HEAD of the Parking Pontianaks.
you are such a bitch!!!!
I wanna be a carpark attendant too!!!
come to melbourne come to melbourne!!
please also notice the GREEN colour wallet at the side!

Like a Boy...
how come ur green wallet so thick onee?!?!?1
kekekeke mine is flat.
hahahaha cos inside i put alot of rubbish... gonna throw it out make it slimmer =)
no le..

the wallet represent the master, errr... mistress... big and chunky.. muscle muscle..

i prefer to be slim and pretty like you
hahahahahahahaahahahah. so boy hor mei!! hahahaha
yada yada! i am always boy boy
yes lor..

so 'garcon'!
Comme DE Garcon wor!
as if you dun have!
people work hard for it wor....
reverse parking...

omg, u people have such sharp eyes!
i thought it was a packet of tissue

congrats on the new imac - i was lusting after one sometime back too.

i wonder which country sells macs the cheapest :P
yeah lor. the picture of the wallet's unintentional.

anyway US's definitely the cheapest... aussie cheaper than singapore also becos of the educational savings thingy =)
actually at first i thought u were just showing off your new wallpaper -_-

i WANT....!!!!
hahahaha come up and share with me =)
aiyoh im gonna get me one when i get to melb too!!!! arghs!
yeah by then price will drop many many already =) keke
Fwah~ So prwetty. How much ah?
Aiyah, too bad I too Windows trained liao...
Besides, Macs are for rich and handsome parking attendants. =P
Oh, and for rich cows, high in calcium too.
a lot of other people got Macs ok!! it's an aj thingy! come australia visit me leh! i miss you leh old bitch
All the rich ppl lor~! Hmmm... I come during Mardi Gras? =)
wah! one year more! you dun miss me meh!
Of cos I miss my MiMi very very muchly~!
But I cannot afford 2 trips to Aussie from Uk lah.
Need to work and save marnee orhso wor.
You orsho never come visit me~ 8.(
eh. nice wallpaper!
yeah it's part of the new Tiger wallpapers offered.. lovely!
kiss me a nana?