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His name is John . . .
u finally finished!
yes dear.... i noe i am abit slow but oh god it's sooooooooooooooooo close to me.

i feel like i am one of them
we all feel like one of them one time or another...in fact...all of them.
you and your multi-faceted performances haha... i suppose everyone's like all of them
yesh! haha. :D
damn it! seems like i am the slowest... other than jaer
well, i thought i was the slowest... just finished the whole thing a few weeks back... when i was having a carrie moment... ;P
hahaha yeah i remembered cos you are supposed to pass jasmine the entire season.... sigh i feel like watching it all over again!
HeY~!!! I can't afford to buy the whole SATC dvds lah~!
there's something called piracy HAHAHAHA
Am already downloading too much. Hehehe~!!!
Huh? Me no unnerstand... can explain?
eh.... will tell you when you are online lar... it's a TV thing. hehehehe
Around when are you usually online?
eh it's hard to say leh dear... when are you usually online?
Err.. only when people arrange a time with me.
Time difference lah =(

Can do sg time 7am - 9am and 5pm - 6pm. Or almost any time you
want and will try to get online.
tee hee 6pm sg is 9pm melb. i usually online midnight melb that means 9 sg haha
Hmmm... ok, will try to get on 1pm uk = 12 melb to catch ya.

Good right???? And you very slow lor.... I long time know already lor... :)
my poochie kooch is SOOOOO SMART AH!!!! *pinches cheeks*

smarter than daddy ah!!!!
all-consuming, inconvenient love!
and the mille-feuille dress. can die!
i died-ed last nite already!

Now having finished everything I can know where all my aunty learns her power phrases from! hahaha
so nice!
the best part!
yeah it's kinda of sweet.... it's like somehow you even rooted for the guy you didnt like in the beginning..

we will never noe who we will end up with eh ?
thats true. the road is still long.
My name is John too!

hello john! *winks*
wat talking u leh?
it's something from sex and the city hurhur bo liao one lar!
see, I left that part for you to discover!!!! :D
but you spoilt the main plot! I DUN LIKE YOU! =(
where gott?? =(
congrats man! you got to the end!!!!! so sad right????
it's actually quite sweet. quite sad. everything at the same time. it's really very well written.

the screenplay's amazing!
uh huh ... =P

how r u, big?