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Jie Jie is a "gay man in disguise" (ellcrius, 13.10.04). Can pass of as a boy boy in yubin's clothes...
But jie jie can wash plates very clean ('cos she feel very paiseh for not doing anything to help me cook) and she can also drag...

CHIO BO!?!?!?

of course chio lar che!
kekeke is your jie jie lesbian?? :PP
Your head lar! my jie jie is as straight a straight woman as you are! KEKEKE
but i'm not a woman -___-
ok. shant expose you. we all noe... =P
sheis just a gay man trapped in a woman's body
i thought we're sharing???
she yr wife le
oh ya hor. then i still need to look for a fag hag then. hmmm.
wat share? im not a thing..
sigh.. i juz need a decent man 2 love me.. muahhaha.. & i mean real man..
don't be so selfish leh. can share one lar!
get yr own hor...
sobz. i shall learn to live with my cow and dog!
orh... very boyboy looking *nods*
chio chio!
She looks damn jude (and domesticated) in that second pic!

must post a clearer/bigger pic of her in the kebaya lah!
she looks even nicer just now. but too bad she rushing for time so i only one pic of her in the kebaya! should've put flash flash
sexy gal!!! can see the kabahya a bit loose ... hehehe .. gal has been exercising ah!!

the girl is now very slim lor. her figure now very curvy
i think she's trying to do a kate moss lor...
ahahhaha.. ::blush:: no le.. still fat lo..!!
cute boy leh

i also say.. can really pass off as a boy lor. cute one some more
GOODNESS!!! So ravishing!!~
you like boys too ah ? =P
PIAK! I mean in female form lah!
tee hee hee dun bluff dun be shy!!!
haiz...i remember 23rd Aug she was in syd lor...now flying all over the place...sigh...

lil' girl grow up liaoz
what about when she was before flying all day long in the office hahahaha

yeah... she's all grown up with wings to fly everywhere to meet us all... sobz
last time she only local...now she's international!
yeah lor i also say. i want to join SQ too! hurhurhur
think abt last x can die leh.. i 24-7 sur eon msn 1.. cos in office.. yawn yawn.. now tatz ROY!!
kekeke cos people's lover not in town mah so always online standby!
HEHEHEHE...actually you and her can pass of as siblings
hahaha really ah ? hahaha looks more like dexter's sister leh. or dexter's brother? kekeke
When my mimi cook and clean for me wor wor?
Sigh... maybe jaz can synchro with me if am hopping over
to aussie in mar05? =PPP

Wanna fly together~!!!
of course i can cook for you . get your skinny ass down here first lar! tee hee i cook nice nice dishes for you hor kay? ::puts laxatives::
Wah so chio man... Bigger kebaya pic pls!!!
i only got one picture of her in kebaya.. boo hoo!
Who is the cute boi in the picture? haha...

errr.... more pix of the dog pls....

thank you!
you havent shown me any pictures of YOUR dog! i want to see your cocker spaniel too!!! when i bring back must mate mate !
ok ok when i go back i take photo ok?

more more! so gorgeous your dog!
Hello! you want to look at my pictures ah! i noe i am very gorgeous! hee hee ....

check it out at my lj webpage lar.... oh and when i go back to singapore i want to see you dogs too!
she looks absolute adorable in the tee! wahhh mann
It's is MY TEE SHIRT OKAY!!!everyone looks cute in the monkey tee!
ahahal...really like boy but cute de hor!!!!

jaz, ur tan lines from last wkend's wakeboarding session har? :p
you also look like boy mah! hahahaha all of you are boys lar! actually u are a dog. grouchy chihuahua! hahaha
whahaaa.... we are all closet boys!!!!
hahah yeah she looks abit boyish in that cap n tee. but still so lady in the kebaya!!
so when is she flying here!!!! syd n melb. when's brisbane!
soon soon..!! if i follow my team roster.. shd b in dec..!!