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This is week 2 and today is day 14. Resisted all temptations to smoke any today despite i am suffering from great stress for my bloody assignments. just finished a 1500 word essay and another 2500-essay due in 10 days.

Day 8 : 6
Day 9 : 4
Day 10: 3
Day 11: 3
Day 12: 2
Day 13: 2
Day 14: 0

What can be a nicer reward than having one nice puff now? hai...
the monkey has been a very grouchy monkey...

and he seeks respite in chatting up cute little monkeys on msn... sobz...
But actually is a little ox leh...
*pat pat*
cow vs. ox... ox wins...
not in cost-efficiency!
.... BAH.
now i noe where the baaaaa comes from ... hahaha
hey!! i tot only i "baaa!!"
whos this !?!?
watashi no copyrighto desu yo!
it's me, the ox-sheep hybrid. not a lamb mind you, i like to believe i'm post adolescent.
an ox-sheep hybrid eh..
an ox covered in cotton, or a sheep planted with hornys, cool..
you should go, "mooaahhhh"
!!! *piak*
sigh me too. just finished a 1000 word essay. another 1000 word and 3000 word essays due in 2 weeks time.

u quitting smoking too??
hahaha that's uni life i suppose. good luck girl =)
wah i am very inspired !
yeah lar com'on .. very soon you will hav no more friends smoking!
che, mebbe having more sex can help u de-stress...kkekeeee......

or ....eat more chocs lor... :p
hahaha indeed my sex drive is very high *wink*

but the chocolates made me fatter heh now nicer to hug lor
good lor!! then no need to smoke mah!
fatter nice nice! hug already more comfy!
come back let me hug! heeee
yeah lor still dare to say i went back last mth also never hug! boo!
i want to bao but no chance mah!

boooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooo!
it's called BO SIM!
hahahahaha i'm so going in reverse, christ, am gettin very fond of texas ice
dun remind me. i love texas ice. sigh

actually i like smoking but then smoking is not gd lar. expensive habit
kor quit smoking? yeah!!! tthe frns i hav arnd me in sch all smoking... i'm de oni one not... so tempted........
oh really ? keep it that way ok ? be a good boy!
heehee... kk... me be guai boi. =P
save money also lar! =P
i`ve been starving myself to save money. Just bought this cd i really wanted! heehee... go for diet also good
why diet? not fat lar you ... heh exercise more.. dun need to diet
me not fat? dunno la. got a bit of fats. I am doing a bit of exercise only. School takes too much of my time.
Here are the rest!!

tee hee! where you find one! so cute!!!
thank ya!
no problem :)

its from secentral.net ^_^
Good luck!