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The effect Zyban has on Monkeys addicted to nicotine

Days 1-3: Force 1 Zyban pill down the throat every mornee
Days 4-7: Repeat the procedure in the mornee and in the evening

Week 1 ( 20/08/04 - 26/08/04)

Day 1: 22 Ciggies
Day 2: 14 Ciggies
Day 3: 16 Ciggies
Day 4: 11 Ciggies
Day 5: 9 Ciggies
Day 6: 8 Ciggies
Day 7: 6 Ciggies

Side effects: Gluttony, increased metabolic rate, headaches, stomach flu, flustered
dun blame ur gluttony on the ciggies lah...
sigh that's true.

bird of a same feather flock together. you influence me too much.
heehee lets go gym~
Oh dear! Take care monkey!
tee hee ! i am going to be labelled a non-smoker soon! yeah!
Must update on Day 8, 9, 10 and so forth okie!
yes yes yes no more smelly monkey's breathe!
Keep it up!
it's always up =P
Erm... hmmmm...
Go monkey Go!!!
yeah you will give me many puppies after i quit rite? can't wait!
pup, kitten, cub, hatchling, calf, larva, chick, duckling, piglet, nymph, fawn, foal, eaglet, maggot, tadpole, joey, owlet, lamb, cygnet...
looking good! Jia You!
tee hee thank you... will submit my week 2 report soon! heh
FEM DADDY!!!!JIA YOU ok ... u can do it one lor... JIA YOU JIA YOU>... :)
next time the non smokers will be more... renton will be lonely...
yeah actually to think of it... hmmmmm more and more people like not smoking leh.. which is a good thing woo hoo!
yeah lor.. finally so many years of you chuaning me.. i am going to put effort to quit smoking =)

as much as i wish u well, ... do it slowly ... think the change is too drastic ...
u think so ah... hmmm ok ok .. then i shall not restrict myself too much today hahaha

muaks miss you!
doing well.. keep it up. don't give up halfway....
heh you should quit smoking too ! go see a doctor! ask for Zyban or nicotine patches haha
che, increased metabolic rate!!!??? really ah! can diet at the same time lei!!!!!!
yeah lor.. it makes you restless one sigh... cannot sleep. then your heart keeps beating.. but you also cannot eat non stop lar. so getting fat. sigh
but increased metabolic rate means u burn calories faster mah. so that means u can eat and not put on weight mah. correct?
that's true. but i hope i wun eat more than i burn hee hee
It's not worth it!!!! Stop before it's too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are SO very EVIL!
i try my best!! muaks!!!
may you burn in hell!!!!!
aren't we sposed to anyways?? we're fags!!! WHEEEEE...
nonsense!! not all fags go to hell!! you horrible!!! sigh... come come let's pray to God for forgiveness...
oh yes.. i wanna get down on my knees right now... oh gawd oh gawd.. ahhh meeeen....!!!
sigh. i give up.

i prefer to be standing up ya noe?
u stand.. i kneel lah... *slurp gulp*
Pretty good results for the first week.
I'm curious about the results 3 weeks later!

Good luck and all the best.
why 3 weeks leh ? hee hee muaks muaks!
good on you.
heh thank ya!
you go, monkee!!! can taste the click-clock better too! keep it up!!
tee hee .. and got nice nice teeth and breathe!!! woo hoo!! muaks!