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What I have been doing for the past week?

Consumed my favourite food during the day...

And clubbed in the bus as darkness heightened...
in a bus? wow-myst
(Deleted comment)
too bad it doesnt belong to me! i was just hoping i can join those folks inside
in a bus?? tatz so cool..!! & sth totali diff.. i oso 1..!!
next time we rent a bus and we club inside ok ? LOL
wah.. ok ok.. think princess_boring's bf did tat 4 her bday loh.. so tweet rite?? wahhh..!!
ok ok next time i come back you do that for me hor? i noe jaz very tweet tweet one!
ahahah.. i do u pay la..
when?? when then u come back?? huh huh??
i miss you che che!!!!
i miss u 2..! how like tat??
eh special K wor!
peach and apricot fravour somemore wor
yes yes it tastes very yummy!!! want me to bring some back for you ?
eh can ah?
later kenna caught how..hurhur
siao! Singapore dun have strict laws enforcing the restriction of bringing in food items through the customs ok!
*i wasnt refering to..that...*
special K on the bus?
in the day?
i want a snort too!
special K is for eating NOT for snorting!


:: sound of a tear drops ::

::Monkey dances::

Oi~! Can you confirm when you coming back quik anot?
Else wait I make plans liao then howz~!

:: grumble many many ::
then maybe we are not fated to meet lor! so sad hor?
Fine then. I'm not holding back my plans anymore because
it has gotten so expensive having to wait for your confirmation
of dates. Since you're not coming back, I've just booked the
following trips.

I'll be away to HongKong from 25th Jul to 2nd Aug,
Malaysia from 3 - 7 Aug, then back to UK on 12th Aug.

Will not be able to come back for the next 2-5 years as I would
need to move down to London and to find a job.

Guess we're not fated to meet at all. Sad? Well, guess I've gotten
used to it by now for the past few months that I hardly feel it.

Take care.
the club-in-bus idea's so cool!! fun hor!!!!!!!
hahaha i saw it lah! i wasnt in it.. i was HOPING to be in it...

it's the monkey's chronicles of fantasies lol
Clubbed in the bus?? Wow!!! That's cool!!! Was the bus moving when the music played?

unfortunately i did not club in the bus... i saw people clubbing in the bus dancing to the music while the bus cruised the streets!! SO HAPPENING!
Indeed!!!! Wah ... great idea huh!!!
WoHoOO! Special K woh!
must bring back sg!
what r u thinking of?? it's corn flakes wor wor!!!
draw lines.......
dun pollute my lj entry!!! *piak*
what a way to have your breakfast!
oh yes i am sure.. want to have breakfast together?? you cook!
i cook? i cant cook! let go some buffet place when u guys are back
That bus is the sweetest thing ever.