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I have been swimming for the past 3 days.
I have gym-ed 2 days in a row.
My muscles are aching like fcuk.

It's past 12am now.
They say avoid food (esp. sugar, carbo whatever)

i am very upset. why must people make life so difficult for themselves?
HEY... see my latest postin...

dedicated for u...

chicken in a biscult! haha. long time since i touched that. just munch on fruits la. freezing cold honeydew!
fruits have sugar that are carbo so it's a no no!

I can't resist chix in a biz! sobz
... harlow. i think most things will have a little bit of carbo! it's just how much is packed into it! i cant believe the sacrifices we go through for national day! oh! the patriotic spirit beckons to us!

who says i am coming back for nation?? hahaha i want to doesnt mean i can...

i wanna be buff ya noe just to change image... =P
you not coming back for nation meh. dont bluff la. :PP

you'll just need a species transplant:)
yah lor.. no money mah... =(

you must tell me nation how fun ok ?
... really? not coming back? erm. . . i might not turn up for nation as well. but it all depends. if i go, i will take many many pix of gods for you!

if i not going you CANNOT go!
haha, then make sure you prepare your tix early!
sounds yummy on its own,
duno how they taste like altogether tho

haven seen u and cowie for eonz

it'sgood to be drunk


hmmm...maybe you haven't seen them recently cos they haven't been clubbing. =)

oh my god! you are always drunk!
i m an alcockwhorelick!

sigh..... the empress of all sins ...
At least you'll look good for National Day.
Its the least we can do to feel patriotic.

Your other option is not to swim and not to gym. =)
cannot cannot!!!!! i feel so good now after i just woke up without my supper!!!! i am going to shit and swim again !!! 4 days in a row!! hurray hurray!
I want to count those durian seeds when you come back.
dun have already lar... i ate 3 pkts of maggi mee, french fries, tang yuen etc etc....

::blop blop::
oops. then try the atkin's diet lor.
I know a couple of LJers doing it. =)
(Deleted comment)
oh dear!!! another 400 calories...

::counting counting::
hehehehehehe :) aiyah why torture yourself eat lah eat .....
hahaha if not i will be sad if i become fat mah... cest la vie
Go for it, just eat whatever u want ...... dun be too skinny, have to put on weight :)
cannot lar.. i really put on weight already leh.. hahaha fat no one friend me already!
Hahaha, i friend u loh ;p
why the hell are you on that stupid high protein low carb diet? CUTTING OUT AN ENTIRE FOOD GROUP IS UNHEALTHY!!!! pffft. if you really wanna lose, just cut down on your PORTIONS. bah. That said, I really wanna come swimming....:) -myst
have you finished your exams??? come swim with me!
n'yet! thursday. maybe fri/sat I come lah!!! wheee! but my navel piercing not fully healed yet...you reckon it'd be alright???? -myst
after sat will be good cos me will have no more assignments!!! FREE!!
Sat then? YAY! -myst
see you on sat then!
Atkin's Diet's goody.

yes yes... and more delicious!

Hmmmm is dat what u put on cowie.... Onions?!?! =P
erm actually... cowie makes chocolate chips so no ... no onions!!! HAHAHA