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It's getting Cold Cold Cold...

Look who's prepared?

Uncle Sam!!!

And bbq at this weather is really nice .. for a change... and the chicken wings never got cooked!

It's always nice to have visitors from your homeland...
(Deleted comment)
kekeke not we arrange one... it's our neighbour's party and sam got invited along too... see lah, if only you stayed in spring street towers =P

anyway we never get invited to your happening events either... =(

oh, can one of you come pick up the s-video-to-RCA convertor that shayan asked elementz to bring for bryyin? thanks =)
and it's always nice to have free lodgin and food when i'm in foreign land...haha.

*plots to rape uncle elementz tonight*
i still wake up a virgin this morning.......la la la.
yes! my spiked drink worked!!!
free lodging ???? you havent received the hotel expenses bill!!!!!
*tallies up room service bill*

2 x california roll = A$20.00
1 x chicken curry = A$25.00

evil leh!!!

but u tasted my chilli sauce...hottest in the world...A$1,000
hospital bills for poisoning hotelier: A$9,999,999,999,999,999...
How come don't have pictures of you?
good. the rest looks healthy.
quick! post of a picture of yourself!
MAMA loves you all and misses you terribly terribly.
hahahaha becos i am now fat white and ugly... dun want people to see how horrible i look!!!! =(

later mama see already dun miss me ...
no matter how ugly also not as ugly as when you were in Singapore right? =)
mama will love you and miss you no matter what...
except when you bite.
But MAMA!!! you noe biting is just SOOOOOOOO NOT in fashion anymore...... monkeys like to dance now!
how come no one has commented on HOW BLARDY adorable the dog looks in the sweater!!!!!
so cute!!!
bengy had his share of wonderful comments in his post. so adorable right?
(Deleted comment)
the cutie on the left in the third pic is not me! it's papa cowie...
(Deleted comment)
ooppss!!! that's me lar!!! anyway i did not reply to that comment... it's mama cowie... she so bhb rite??

yes kor kor.. you can rape have sex with me ... i heard you are very good in bed and have a nice big juicy d***.... ::pants::
(Deleted comment)
cows count as animals too!!!
(Deleted comment)
umm, the nipple is the smaller one, you are sucking on my ...

(Deleted comment)

oei. how come the photo so tak glam wan? must tyake more glam photos!!!!! :P -myst
aiyah... cos i not glam mah... next time we go glam glam events i take glam glam pictures ok ? hee hee
cute cute bengy....

can i have a look at you, in real, one day?
by the way, i am in melbourne too.
too bored. want to look at cute cute doggie....

mind if i drop by some day soon to have a look at bengy?

hahaha sure of course why not??? =) will be glad!
Hmmm... so when's a good time for me to come and party? =)
hahaha next year mardi gras??
Hmmm... when ah? Must check with my timetable.
bbq!!!!! yummy!!!
you have no idea how much i miss bbq food!!!
hmm...... i had a bbq a month ago at a haunted chalet.

btw, like ur new userpic. v kawaii!
hahaha arigato gozaimusu!!!

your use pic very cool too!
nothing compared to urs la. hehe... ;P