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When you are bored...

You act cute!!!
so cute!!! *IN LOVE*
hmmmm my egg ham cheese onion sandwich and bah kut teh recipes are working!!!!

::adds more toxic::
(Deleted comment)
Where's the cage?
you said you are buying one for me but you are not! always lie to me one! dun like you!
must be alcohol again....

hello i drank a bit a bit only ok!!!! it's NOT alcohol lar!!!! hee hee hee

dun tell you i v shy one!
So cute!

I want feed.

You like nuts or bananas?
I like nuts AND bananas!!!


The Stepford Wives
oh yes oh yes!!! i have watched the trailer on www.apple.com/trailers

Can't wait to watch the movie.... you know when is it out in singapore? if i am back in july and it's showing at that time can go and watch togetherly =)
...... OMG... shoooooo cute ah!!!

:: runs off to make own act cute pictures too ::
but you are not cute at all

too old act cute will only make yourself more ugly

you act pretty still can lar!
MY! what big eyes you have!

(what's that in the tweezer?)

it's not a tweezer lar!! It's the strap from the camera!!
che, u look like u lost a bit of weight.. like face sharp sharp now lei...
but u still look cute!! :)
no lar!!! never lose weight!!! put on abit of weight in fact!!!!

Photoshop one! hahahahahahahaha and with a bit of camera technique.. that's why so long dare not post pictures of my self!!

wah liao. where got so much time? don't you have homework??? man. you people need to be enslaved to make models.
university got homework one meh? it's called assignments and erm... i need to destress rite? studying can mean boredom too!
(Deleted comment)

how come monkey face also red red one.
it's abit of make up, abit of gin and jim bean... =P
(Deleted comment)
oh yes.. i look older if you do see me in person one day....
very lazy recently... will put pictures of bengy sooN!!!
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(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
cute cute >_
Bored mah! you never come up and entertain me only entertain your bf! bleh!
(Deleted comment)
so cute ah!!!!

::pinches dly's cute and tight bun::
Actually from over here...i dont even see an upper set of teeth...let alone a nice set...

That's because monkeys have nice lips to cover their well concealed teeth !!!
ahahah.. i love it..!! come back quick..!! ya pic is making me miss u again..!!

& such big eyes..!! if itz not alcohol.. ::ahem::
!!!! very long never post pictures of myself mah! so must update update then i feeling feeling...
eyes big cos my eyes NOT THAT SMALL OK!!! dun be rude!!!

wat r u thinking of!?? </b>

i'm still figuring out.....what sort of pose is that?
hahaha wat dya mean wat sorta pose?? when you come i show you lor?? lol

yeah 5 more days i can see uncle sam!