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Wah lan Kelly Chen at Cannes Festival world premiere of 大事件 wearing Christian Dior

Wow! She looks like a mermaid!
yes yes.... i think she's supposed to look like a mermaid!! heh
Wow. She looks so glamorous!
yes i wanna marry her!
. . . . .

And I tot u were gay and new picture or urself naked? Hehe...
yes... i was gay.. no longer gay... hahahaha

and p.s. my new pic is NOT naked.. i was wearing boxers ok ? =P
U look butt-naked to me.

I think Kelly might not like.
erm.. how do you noe she will not like it???
then do you like it??? HAHAHAHAHA
I think she don't like seeing pi gu of young men flying over the internet.

I'm different from Kelly so erm, *coughs* :X
but but!! my pi gu cannot be seen mind you! monkey doesnt do porn!!! tsk tsk!!!

unless monkey gets many many bananas in return!
*offers truckload of bananas*

show some skin...
show some skin...
show some skin...

my new icon showed alot of skin already mah... which part do you want to see!!!
and i cant see the bananas!!!!!

Whatever's good to show, feel free!

The banana takes time ma. From KL -> Melb, even DHL take 1 or 2 days.
ok... will show you more skin when i receive my presents hahaha
oh harlow gorgeous...!!!
u calling me gorgeous or her gorgeous???

the dress.

(you also gorgeous la, and so is kelly, but the DRESS gosh....)
YUP!!! it's damn elegant i like it many... maybe you should try it too...
ya hor..... *deep in tought*
you horriblde ask me to drag!!!
but but but.. you are pwetty!!!
errr.... *speechless*
She is sooo pretty, I just bought her her 2 concert VCDs. I love Kelly!!!

wah!! which concert dvd?? dynacarnival ah ?
no lah, the concert that we attended and the La Koa Yan Chang Hui.

yah ... how I wish there is a Singapore version. At least there is the Canto version of Ta Yi Ding Heng Ai Ni.

AHHHHH!!! how come i dunno of such a version!?!? is it good?? i want to see!!!
wei, there isnt any Singapore version lah. As what I said <
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wei, there isnt any Singapore version lah. As what I said <<How I wish ..... >> blur blur!!!!!!

you say got ta yi ding hen ai ni,... then wat version?? blur
hahaha, hokkien version..... :P
got hokkien version meh~!
I sing for u. :)
she's scarily skinny!!!! and we all know whose cousin she is...go suck up to ngia bu and might get front row tickets.-myst
hahaha correction! it's ngia che!! and that woman, though her cousin, hasnt even met up with kelly chen b4 lor! so suck up also no use... bleah!

btw she's not skinny lah! perfect!