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Woke up, walked bengy, took a nap, ate, watched my best friend's wedding followed by sweet home alabama, ate, and watched bridges of madison county and bawled my eyes out.

Woke up, walked bengy, had breakfast, watched my best friend's wedding again, fed bengy, brought him out for a walk again, drank some vodka and forgot what happened.

Woke up, walked bengy, almost fainted due to mess in kitchen, cleaned up the whole house, watched boys on the side, return dvds at smith st., bought sunflowers, cooked dinner, watched aladdin, the mummy and hanging up, took hot bath with bengy, and bengy slept between us.

Today's thoughts
And the reasons for not updating...
no school ah?
it's the school one week break this week....

*continues stoning*
I watched VERTIGO countless times for a film appreciation module during my college days until I spotted all the goofs in the movie. You should try VERTIGO someday; it's intriguing.

yeah thanks.. i think i shld really add this into the films i want to rent this coming visit to the bloody dvd store... muaks!
(Deleted comment)
bengy likes to wag his tail in his wee wee!!! GROSS!!!
"Mrs Dalloway said she would get the flowers herself"

Aiyo, oNe week break and u coop yourself at home. My one week break is followed by 2 weeks exams!
there's nothing to do dearest!!!!! I AM SO BORED!!!!

you think i dun wanna go out meh? sigh sigh sigh
Sunflowers? That's very Clarissa haha.

1 week break, shouldn't you be out enjoyin ur self or something?
clarissa loves ROSES... if you remember correctly!! =P
Roses? lol. i've got failing memory.

actually, the whole show, i've been wondering, where did all the lovely food go when richard died?
tsk tsk.. you didnt watch properly... at the last scene alot of the food was thrown away..
Thrown away? Oh dear.

That shucks.

"If I were thinkin' clearly, if I were thinkin' clearly, Leonard, I'd tell you that I wrestle alone in the dark. In the deep dark and only I can know. Only i can understand my own condition. You live with the threat, you tell me, you live with the threat of my extinction. Leonard, I live with it too.

This is my right, the right of every human being. I choose not suffocating anestatic of this suburb but the violent jolt of the capital. That is my choice. The meanest patient, just even the very lowest is allowed some say in the matter of her own prescription that by she defines her humanity. I wish for you sake Leonard, I could be happier than this but if it is a choice between Richmond and death, I choose death.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life Leonard."

i think most of my attention went to this ^ ^ ^

that's y ur tagline caught my attention :D
hahahahaha you bought my screenplay??

yeah this is my favourite...

aww the train station scene.. nicole kidman just screamed oscar.. and yes .. she did
She certainly deserved her oscar for her poignant role. everytime I smoke, I'm trynna imitate her. everytime I write something, I wanna slap it close and say out loud, "Mrs Dalloway will buy the flowers herself"

oh my ....... i can imagine that really..... didnt think that someone else other than me will like her so much
yar lor...
sigh.... so sensitive!!
I'm secretly learning beadcraft:P....you need a hobby too!
if you realise my hobby is baby sitting and watching dvds
something a little more productive! :) make me a bracelet!
i am clumsy with my fingers... erm... except for fingering ??
then you practice on yourself first!:)
dun like.. never like...

you got a zipper behind?:)
oh yes!!! you need a password to unzip it!!
is the password 'NOW'?
alas... you dunno the password !! that explains why!!
oh. i think it begins with that letter....you know...the one two steps removed from the letter C?
oh...sounds blissful for a blissful family of two men and a dog.
oh yes oh yes... you have that kind of life too??
i dun have a dog now.
then get one!! since u love doggies!!
che..... ur life is beginning to resemble one of a huang lian po (yellow-faced wife).


but then again, it's good to nua once in a while la!
but i want to be happening!!! party party party hahaha and how come huang lian po got no mahjong to play one!!!
coz u not enuff khakis loh.. if u have u surely whole week play one loh!!! :p
boo hoo!! i want mahjong khakis!!!!
OH! My best friend's wedding is like my all time favourite Julia movie! awww so sweet watching it with the family....father, mother (roles interchangable) and child (the mutt)....

"when you love someone...you say it right there...out loud...or the moment just....passes you by....."
yeah that stupid julia movie is better than expected...

we all want to be the bloody bitch who steals husbang huh!!! hahahahaha
u seemed to be so free!!
heh heh it's my one week break lar must relax relax mah!!