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To those evil people:


::throws own monkey party::

:: throw own party too ::
erm am i invited??
Of course~!

Err... if you're willing to buy the ticket to join me... why not? =P
YOu buy me the tix ok? confirmed ah?

thanks i love you!
OK, have sent the ticket to you.
Though if you lose it, you'll have to pay for it yourself har.

Do u wish u were at Squirt too?
add salt to my wounds!
*makes sure all of it goes in*
never mind.. i shall forgive all of you.. i HAD fun!
No no... I don't mean it that way..

I'm trynna say, it's not really a 'big-and-wow' party.

U won miss out much la! :)
yeah ... but all my friends are going.. sigh miss partying with them...
muahuhauahhahaha... I'll not just squirt... but spurt too... lalalala ;P~~
go go go and copulate and dun let me know your happenings!!!!


go go go and copulate and TELL me ALL about your happenings!!!!


Talking about AhBu lah.
Her hole is forever has interesting stories one.
cos i not SPG hahahaha
Even though not as exciting as hers,
your stories are Definitely more Dramatic.

TeLL TeLL~!!!
dun be a bitch
you are just jealous!
Shit... kena found out... =P
its tomorrow!
evil bitch i hope you have lotsa fun without me!!!

haha! hope u have fun at ur 'own' party! LOL!!! i can't go for Squirt anw.... underaged.
i am sure you can sneak in if you try.. they dun usually check age from what i noe... =)
haha... i can sneak in but i want someone smuggle me in. better that way. hehe....
huh?? no one offered to smuggle you in ? how can that be?? hahaha
pls lor... look at me la! who want smuggle me?
ask and it will be given!
nahz... dun think so. khekhe!
::stayed at home::

Oddly, I didn't feel that I missed out much:)
yup... i heard it wasnt good....

anyway you also dun party nowadays mah hor??
not that it really matters:)

slowing down a bit nowadays. my hamsters gave birth again!!
just like their mistress

high sex drive
:P I prefer the term 'occasionally horny'

*jots down notebook under the world's 10 biggest lies*
I can't help it if others' testosterony aura affects me. =)
but you told me that yourself!!

and it's not a testimony!!

maybe you are suppose to only remember the holy side of me!

::erases erases cancels cancels::
actually same here cos alot of people told me no fun hahahaha

*consoles myself*