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See what movies do to you.

Brain wash you, affects your mood and ideals, turns your life into and big dramas and dreams on spreading your story to the world.

Cold mountain was heart wrenching and tragic, abit too long yet understandably so.

You live because of hope
You wanna fly away
You get depressed
And you escape
When you learn to face life, always to look life in the face
Through so many obstacles and pain
There opens a new chapter, a new obsession.

And I still cannot believe it.
yes, i am flying away.
u managed to watch? did u did u?!
hehe!!! gd for u!
im seeing u later!!!!!!
i miss pang pang!!!
darlin!! u there already rite!! how's everything?? good???
i miss u too... *sniff sniff*
sigh very boring yeah leh che... sigh i am still suffering from the hangover at the airport.. all your faces.... i miss all of you so badly

i wanna cry again
dun cry dun cry okie.....
we're still here!!!! :)
*hugs hugs*

take pics and post up!!
hahaha currently this is not my pc lar and erm i dun have a camera.. you can only ask cowie to post it up...

CHE!!!!!! do your grouchy chihuahua face and post it up so when i miss you i can look at the pic.
hahaha... then i must not sleep one whole nite then take pic the next morng.... if not the effect not that good ley!! KAKAKKAKA
WAH!!! then lidat you must wait for me to come back and do crazy things HOR? hahahaha

i will never forget the centro24 hr party followed by the wakeboarding
never in my life
the 3 of us laughing at the mrt (somemore punggol mrt)

memories memories
LOL.... confirm+guarantee+chop wait for u to come back!! LOL.....

yes, and that was the day i became GROUCHY CHIHUAHUA... LOL....

we 3 are power gers ley..... kekeeee
(Deleted comment)
but watch sad shows dun give me any sense of satisfaction.

(Deleted comment)
no. not because i can identify with her, it's just that sometimes, when you think too much abt a movie, it can actually become your life.
every movie sometimes have a theme, and it's very possible that it's a theme everyone can relate too.
sorry couldn't send you and cowie off!! had to work. hope you both had a great flight over there and are settling down well!!
just got to a friend's place it's ok will still see you soon yeah?

you take care and work hard... sigh melbourne is soooooooo boring!
its only ur first day and u complaining its boring!!??

I loved melbourne!! its a great place!!

work hard .. earn lots of money so we can take a long holiday and visit the both of u!
yes yes yes you must come and visit ok? we will plan many many nice things hahahahahaha
:( i wasn't notified about you leaving for studies! how unfair. hope to see you soon though when you come back, and i'll buy you ice cream!
i'll take your word for that!!
all the best , shall see in few years time. btw, kelvin wong is over there too. his number 411880658

(Deleted comment)
Huh, who is who now!!!
just called him, hee hee finally after so much trouble looking for him
anyway i will see you year end this year so it's not few years time lar... hee hee
i miss you already i miss singapore urggghhhh!!
oic, send my regards to him. Btw, u will be completing ur course by year end? Hehe, you will also miss all the good food back home!!! My Laksa, Bah Cho Mee, Roti Prata etc

Hope u adapt to the enviroment fast.

hee you very silly anyway i will be for vacation mah got 3 months holiday from dec to feb. by then you will have finished your taiwan work rite?? then i can come back and visit you wor wor!

yeah!!! we shall club together then!!!

oh yah che, u've got icq? add mi at 236413865 okie!!! then can tok to u SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
yup will do when i get my computer.. my computer's still in sg =(((((
okok...make sure ah!!!!!!
yeah of course will do lar che!! anyway mine's 39515510 you can prolly add me first wor!
oki done already!!!!


ohhh piiinnnnnnn...
hope u r settling well.....
eh i need to ask u something...
i already emailed u but i dunno which is ur default email addy so i anyhow email to the addys i can think of but i tot by posting here will mk u notice me faster. shit i think im sounding v silly here.

anyway can u email me ur email addy?
so we can correspond.
love u lots baby.

bet u r missing my jiggly arms already.
oh darling i only have internet connection now but my mac is not with me eh! so i cant check my mails till much later. anyway i got a temporary sim card, no.i s 0431418713.
my PERMANENT email next time will be benong@mac.com
so ignore all the other mails in the future rite?
i miss you... found an apartment at spring street 13th floor hahaha
but nice view. shld be moving in this wednesday if everything goes fine.
orientation starts this thurs so this week shld be more interesting than the last week where i spent my time watching tv, basically stoning and erm abit of casino at crown. won abit lar.. hahaha our expenses that day was basically paid for... miss you muchly