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If you are fighting stop fighting
If you are marching stop marching


Trailer @ www.coldmountainmovie.com
see beh chuan... three hours of chuaning... chuan chuan chuan...
current music: alanis morisette - uninvited
tee heee
but you say chuan mah....
so whats the monkey chuaning abt?
aiyah u still around meh?
Yes i am still around lar... one week before 12.feb is the sneaks mah... prolly friday midnite show... wanna watch???? ask jaz roy jerm aj and gang ok ???? please watch with me!!!
yes we will darling
YEAH!!! will keep you updated heh heh
Definitely watching this, but currently feeling more excited about Lost In Translation and Mystic River :)
I heard that the two films you mentioned are actually more critically acclaimed. but i am a die hard nicole kidman-anthony minghella-english patient-kinda-warped romance epics.

cant wait!
Anthony Minghella and Nicole got snubbed at the Oscars, unfortunately... But there's still Jude Law and Renee Zellweger to root for :)
it seems that you do pay quite some attention to the oscars eh? yeah they are snubbed... but oh well, that doesnt stop me from watching this show with excitement haha
Yeah I'm a movie nut :)

You should catch Lost In Translation too!
wow so am i ... i am a movie nut as well! yeah found a buddy! heh
i will so watch Lost in Translation.. you've watched it??
How many movies do you watch a year? :)

Yeah I watched it, will be watching it again... and again... and again...
I love RENEE!!!!
I love NICOLE!!!!

Renee won Best supporting actress at the golden globes for her role in coldmountain though
che!! I WANT TO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!
dun bluff me ah. i will arrange ok... sam me and the rest shld be ok... will let you guys know the details soon!!
no bruff no bruff!!!
ok if i am not wrong it should be the friday before it opens
i miss you che!! hope you had lotsa ang paos!!!
oki!! then we aw go watch!!!
long time never see u also ley!!! hiazzz.... sad......
ang baos? getting lesser every year loH!!!!!
yeah so long never see you also.. you l also never call me out mah.. i really miss you alot.

i also get very little ang paos this year.. oh well.. wat to do ?
YEAH!!! another supporter!! hahaha ask caven83 together loh!
another chance for him to hold my hands for 3hours.
THREE HOURS!!!! actually it's on 2hr45min hahaha oh well... haha you guys are so romantic!
plus the commercials and stuff
but then you have to deduct time when they break off to reach for popcorn and drinks so there abouts lah.

you haven't seen us quarrel yet!
erm yeah i think so... it's never a very good idea to quarrel in public or in front of friends eh? jia chou bu ke wai dunno lar
jia chou bu ke wai YANG.
its not jia chou if everyone knows about it.
But I love him too much to quarrel with him. =)
Everybody noes that you are a terrific lover!!!
I wanna watch too!!! keke!!!
are they showing at your camp area ??? hahaha i think so lar not so ulu rite??
Nah, have to travel two bloody hours to the nearest city!!! My camp area .... sighed. No cinema, disco or even Kbox.

i bet you feel like virginia woolf in the hours...

"my life has been stolen from me"
haha, wat toking u??
virginia woolf is a famous english writer in the early twenties who is dying from insanity in a town as the doctors forced her to live in the quiet town to recuperate/recover from her mental sickness that developed in the exciting city london
wat he means is, pls translate to hokkien...
Oic .....
kor? haven't heard frm u in a loooong time.
yup yup how are you?? hope you are fine.... havent been very active in LJ... =P
i'm fine... no real paying job. how about u?

me or u not active? haha! wah frm last time until now, say wanna meet never meet. Now i'm super free!!! no more school!!!!!!!
oh so what are you working as now?
at Singapore Press Holdings... i edit the videos you guys watch on the Channel I and U news. =) scan negatives too... all these were written in my LJ. =P

how abt you? what've u been doing?
very interesting job you've got there.. sorry not much time to read as you can see i am replying comments late at 2.35am
hehe... it's alright. anw, i'm going to quit this job soon. time to find a job that actually PAYS me!
you mean it actually doesnt pay you?~??~?~
nope... not at all. Not a single cent. I'm in the same department as my daddy and he dragged me into this dumb job!