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There must be an eternal soul that stays in a physical body constrained by the restriction of time.
So where do we come from? Conceiving is just a physical method of how offsprings are produced.
So HE who creates must have created alot more souls than I imagined.
Or is reincarnation possible from all those tales of fate and unexplained memories?
Is waking up from a dream that seems so real makes walking down the beach seems so surreal?

The mind and body is a wonderful and most complex creation.

It's not that simple.
There has to be a reason for our existence, than to just play, study and work, that seems so meaningless.
yes.. there are many answers out there.. it's whether u can access to them.. but however sadly nowadays it's rather tough .. cause people are turning away from their spirituality.. not many will sit down and think.. why am I here? look into yourself and u will find the answers.. though may not be detailed.. u should be able to get something..
people dread thinking too much because it's giving them (i.e. me) constant migraines.

i still can't seem to get it... the older i get, everything seems more.... complex.
well u dun see me getting migraines.. it's all about finding yourself.. once u do.. u will realise u will become a better person and understand yourself better...

the older u get.. the more rules, norms, regulation & influences come into your life.. the more u lose in touch with yr inner self.. thats why things seems complex..look at the children.. do u know that they are so much more psychic than us? coz they are not influenced by all these rules, norms.. blah blah blah
what i mean is the religion that i used to think is true is getting more contradicting than what i used to think it is.. even the theories that made me believe that it is true are no longer so because... more things happening are proving it otherwise.

it's not only about spirituality...
hahah so it's about religion.. why dun u say so in the first place? well we should respect all religions.. i mean.. after all it's yr personal relationship with God.. if u choose to believe in the teachings of a religion then follow it.. there is no such thing as group think or peer pressure in this.. i follow my religion becoz it teaches me to be a better person and also some other stuff.. follow your heart.. u know which religion is the one for u when u find peace within yourself.. and u can tell yrself that this is indeed faith.
i am using religion as a basis...
cos... after some time... i realised things are very very complexed
how do you even explain the connection between the soul and the mind.
it's amazing
well this is a rather sensitive.. for me i think this is not the place to discuss about the soul and minds.. i lost some friends partly because they thought i was trying to impose my thinking/religion upon them.. things like this dwells in the occult.. actually there are some books which u can read about this.. just go to the major book stores to check it out.
actually even if i do ask you exactly what i am thinking which at this point of time i do not how to put it across in human words, you might not even know what i am asking or where i am coming from.
then again, i appreciate the help.
i do noe you are a very " spiritual" person
well wat u can do is.. later u just close yr eyes.. and ask yrself this questions.. and see what yr inner child tell u.. flush all thoughts and problems from yr mind before u start yr meditation.. u see wat u can get from this.. who knows u might get an answer or two.

hmmm okie maybe when u r more sure about it.. we could have a discussion.. i can share a little of what i know.. and what i can share kekeke.. nah i'm not really that spiritual.. i'm losing touch..i've been scolded for slacking hahahaha
yeah lah.... why dun you CALL me and invite me for mahjong and we call tok abt it?!?!

MAHJONG!!! I WANT!@!!!!!
hmmm but i won't know when u r free??? u always seemed to be damn busy! i just had a mahjong session today kekeke but in the day.. can't play at night coz mom will be back.. and also must find kaki
you got my hp wat.. i am always just a phone call away..
i am quite eng eng nowadays wor..
play how much huh
sure or not.. we play weekday late morning to evening :P we play small small 20 40 only :)
of course can wor... just passing time only.. not for living hahaa
yeah okie okie.. maybe next week.. which days u dun have lesson? or got very few lessons.. want to play.. must play at least 2 or 3 rounds.. 1 round so bORING... actually next week is very bad.. i got lessons almost everyday.. but u tell me when u r free.. thurs and friday is out
hmmmm just call me when you arrange lor!! i sure can make it hahaha
kaoz.. okie.. i'll ask around then..
u sound as though u haven played mahjong for ages.. but my table is ancient and my tiles are smaller than the usual ones.. anyway i'm going to sleep.. or else i can't wake up for the 9 o clock gym class.. Nite
heh heh
itchy mah...
thanks anyway good nite!
Aiyooo when did u take ur userpic?? hw come u become so skinny... recently very stress ar.. must be go out chiong too much liao isit..:P keke...
i just took the userpic yesterday.. must update on how i look like mah..
do i look very skinny... hehe it's photoshop-ed! haha

太瘦了....very scary..:P
huh... really ah... ok ok i will eat more..
maybe "kate moss" figure is no longer IN hahahaha
hmm, i think u look fine in it loh
maybe must show the entire uniform!
hahahaa cannot lar show entire uniform people can see my rank and full name mah,...... =P
aiyoh ur recent posts ah, tok so much cock! dun understand lah, stop speaking monkey language and post in simple english...
hmmm it's never cock...
it's how i relate! different frequency lar i guess!
monkey FM!
at least takira knows abit of what i am trying to say hahaha
maybe i really have lost touched with modern communication
Cows are earthly creatures.. they are 'rooted' to earth and do not think about such things :P kekeke
but in the jungle monkeys swing on the branches...
and cows only eat grass in fields.. they dun think.. they just eat.. and go MOO :P
you hears a distant voice,
"boy boy...wake up! late for school already..."

its all been a dream...
so what are you trying to imply?? you agree life is just a series of dreams?
but it is, isn't it?
life is a series of waking up and going to sleep again, sometimes not knowing which is which.

Or one day when you're typing on LJ, someone tells you to FOLLOW the WHITE RABBIT.

and of course there is always your favourite bright and bubbly, who tells us "why live life from dream to dream...
that's true... i am tired of dreaming.. everything seems so dreamlike i think i am going mad..

... and dread the day when dreaming ends....
What has been said is true..

Relax lah brother.. me older leh.. still figuring out about life.. so no worries.. you are not alone..
hahahaha yeah lor i know you are older wor wor!! hahaha but probably you have not been through some unnecessary thoughts and struggles inside my mind that i am going through... sigh
Aiyah... yes its true that age doesn't measure wisdom... but through age, one gathers lots of general knowledge.

I might not have experience it myself but the struggle with oneself is always a challenge and questionable one.. Only when you have make a step.. that's when you will know what's the outcome going to be.
at least experience comes with age yeah? =)
anyway glad that things are looking good for you at least from what i hear...