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Read Michael Cunningham's The Hours
Seen Stephen Daldry's The Hours
Read David Hare's The Hours
Now... Left with Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

The most impressive set of literature I've ever seen and admired.

"You live with the threat of my extinction.... I live with it too"
Mrs Dollaway said she'll buy the flowers herself. Sally!! I think I'll buy the flowers myself!!!!!
Dearest Timmy, it's dAlloway not dOlloway!

Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself
Laura Brown: Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself
Clarissa Vaughn: Sally I think i will buy the flowers myself

Huh? Flowers? How come so many people say the same thing?
Clarissa is Mrs Dalloway meh? Huh? What happening?
Mrs Dalloway and Clarissa Vaughan share the same name, that's why Richard Brown calls her (Ms Vaughan) Mrs Dalloway...
thought you watched the show already ??
there you are not intelligent enuf.
drink too much lambo
omg! the fever's spreading!!! When will it end? When???
will not end
in fact
it just started
and it will be here to stay
indeed... hmmm...

try to find life and live, Virginia... Instead of wallowing in death.
i am not wallowing in death
just sick of life
aren't we all? ... Just dont be sick of living, there's a crucial difference... ;)
How many versions of The hours are there?

(was thinkin of gettin the book, but am overwhelmed...)
can loan you my novel no problem! u've seen the show?
You should quit your course in NTU and pursue Literature full-time in NUS! You have potential...Unseen!
that's what people do, they stay alive for each other
that's why i cannot pursue a course which my mother disallows.
it's my obligation
though no such obligation exists
i have no rights
nor even the meanest patient in the world
oh no.. looks like i am going to get those books myself too!!! =)
haha i think you will want to buy one yourself right??
enjoy man!
sorry abt last nite
i was dead already
hehe... I bought e novel liao...
Now looking for the script like you too. =)

u ah... i went down to YN to find u leh... hehehe...
but its all right =) next time go down n see u again hehehe...
thanks very much.. deeply appreciated.
anyway, was yn fun?!
hehe dun mention it!
YN? It was not bad. The music there is nice and the crowd wasn't that bad you know. ;-)

Next time you better be there! haha...
haha i am always there
I would hold you to that sentence. =)

sorry to reply so late... juz updated w a reason to my tardiness in replying =P
Wow... impressive!

Hmm... I wonder if there's a PalmDOC version... maybe i can attempt this after finishing the Silmarillion...

(Deleted comment)
Not with the YiShow for Clie launcher (built in reader), 4 font size settings

+ Clie font fix, makes the fonts thicker and clearer

+ 320 x 320 res screen :)

Nah... its not too bad. Actually i just finished the entire LOTR on it. Thats why I'm on the Silmarillion now :)
i cant follow this kinda bks no more.
series and series of it.
followed dragonlance
was good
but it was getting too crazy
(Deleted comment)
yup agreed!The dragonlance chronicles were the best
LOTR was a bit different i think. It used to put me to sleep, now it engages me on all my MRT rides...

Well, i kinda got bored of fantasy stuff after Wheel Of Time... that's practically the Days Of Our Lives of fantasy books i think...
guess everyone will get out of puberty hehe
Mrs Dalloway written buy Virginia Woolf inspired Michael Cunningham's The Hours which impressed Scott Rudin and pursued David Hare to write a screenplay for the screens.
(Deleted comment)
aparrantly ADAPTATION's cheemer

nicole kidman just won best actress @ the oscars!
" The Hours" was one of the titles Woolf originally considered for her book Mrs Dalloway...she despised the medical treament thrust at her and said once that they were " capable of some indescribable outrage - forcing your soul, that was it." i think she loved life, but was also simulatneously, as my friend said, unable to tolerate it. life was simply inadequete. Life vs Death. Life vs. Living. they meant the same thing to her
i think she meant it when she said " I have no wish to live a life i have no wish to live"
i suppose she has her ideals of a perfect life

everyone does
yes...i suppose so too = )