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The Duomo in Florence is a place where lovers pledge their eternal love
Itsu ka ishoni no motte kureru? ( when are you bringing me there? )


Tatoeba junen go (Let's say.. ten years later)

We'll have changed.. all of us

Honto? (really?)


Listening to this soundtrack over and over again... gets my mood down in the dumps.
What are we living for?

Ten years down the road...
every face will be different...
Changes.. For the good or for the worse. We all go thru this. And this is what we have gone thru. And is still in the process of going thru. Haha.. Talking in riddles nowadays. Don't understand myself sometimes also. Seeya! Hey, it's march. Time for the 'new year resolution' thinggy again....
i really dunno about changes
i am afraid of changes actually

"should i choose the smoothest course? steady as a beating drum?"

See ya this week ok ?
b4 you go for your next flight
it's tatoeba (例えば) not datoreba
you see wrongly lar!
i spelt correctly mah!
you better give me!
OOHHHH!!! not asleep yet?? thought you asleep already?!??!

muaks muaks
::siams kiss::

hate you!
i love you
Cherish the present, cos it might not stay...

Heeh, look on the bright side, if everyone stays the way they are w/o ever changing, that gonna makes us damn boring creatures.
Hey, so we kinda interesting in ourselves that way. :0)

then again, b'cos of the present, we'll become who we are in the future.....
though some of us will always be living in the past
living in the unchanged scene
endulging in the same things
refusing to adapt

some of us just hate to move on...
(Deleted comment)

a passionate dance... it takes 2 to tango...

just like the tango scene from "moulin rouge!"

"when there is jealousy there is no love.. jealousy will drive... you... MADDDD!!!!!"
That's right
it takes two hands to clap

the problem is
Passion is difficult not to change
either for the better , or for the worse
(Deleted comment)
Balancing is soooo blardy important. ::gives a fixed look at FCSP::
dear wolfie, what is easy in the first place.
love is never the easiest thing again..
then ..
what's FCSP?
Getting lost is easy. Going places where you ain't suppose to go.
opps. its Fatty Char Siew Pau
but you are SOOOOO SKINNY!?!?!!?

i am sure a FCSP will do you NO harM!!!!!!
FCSP is a person

WHY IS jaer FCSB?!?!??!?!??! hahahahahahahahaha
that's so funny
he does look like one though!
Don't laugh so loud! shhhhh
later he flood us again.
hehe. glad it made u laugh:) ::hops away::
(which part of his bod are you looking at?)
Too late, I heard that.


:: juggles Noah's FLoodS in hand ::

then again..... dear jaer you are a CUTE FCSP
oh no! then we have to eat him now. ::munch on pau::
::eats FCSP now::

::munches on pao too::

There's alcohol content!
.... then we can sneak in our own provide stash of alcohol liao:)
Fats WITH alcohol????!!?!

:;quits drinking::
:: points fit finger at the both of you ::

::uses XI XING DA FA and absorbs the spell::


and yeah so are your fats!
just that ... errmmmm
that whole package just look like a white and fair pao
with red and juicy fats hidden within
you sound so experienced.
then again. it's so difficult to find someone that is 100% compatible and someone who is giving and mature in love.

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"
Hmmm to quote from 4 weddings n a funeral;
"True love in whatever shape (i s'pose even it's fcsp ;0) or form it may come, we all in our dotage were proud to say 'I was once adored too.' "

have a gd weekend :0)
You have a good weekend too!

I'll tell FCSP to have too.. wanna go why not? hee hee
Heeh, had a lot of fun last sat on Diva's Bdae. me takin a break this sat, probly nid a 2nd bra for the eyebags soon :0)
hahaha i was there but had to leave early cos have to entertain cowie


btw, you know Jingting ? prolly not the one i know
hmmm there should be a few jingtings ard... the one i noe is from ntu, mass comm, 3rd yr.
Yeah i guess so. she's from ntu too but she's from accountancy.
she's also a chio bu! haha
(Deleted comment)
Some people are just very capable of falling in love with the wrong person
and i am just one of those idiots with my first
cheated for 2 years
oh well.
what to do?
a pity coolconnect is no more
else i cld have shown u the pics
i took last year

i call it
Chung Cheng Revisited: 10 Years On..

Cant believe it was 11 years ago I stepped through its gates!
Hahaha let me see
1993 -1996 (CCH)
so it was like 10 years back..
in no time we will be saying

"30 years b4"
hmmmm i lost most of my Chung cheng photos!
I just dumped the resized pics Here
woo woo woo let me take a peek a boo!
yeah, actually i dun like changes too...i'm always comfortable more with last time. as i grow older, i kinda feel less and less secure with things...maybe cos now i began to think and worry more.

best still younger days, no stress, no worry abt earning money, no need to worry abt getting married, growing old, getting a bf/gf, etc, etc...just make merry and be happy only.
i guess when one grows older they have more problems as they begin to take more responsibilities in life
as one will be seen more "mature"
isnt it?

But what can we do? i am beginning to feel the pinch already
my mum is saying next time she needs me to feed her already
well, that's next time wor..hehe...

till now, my mum still richer than me (which is not difficult seeing how poor i am), and i still owe her my NUS school fees! But still have to give her money just to make her feel good...

hahaha i think alot of us are still living off our parents' expenses....
i think it's very difficult to earn enough money in singapore
the more i think of it.
the more sian i am