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Went to eat noodles I used to eat when I was young

Passed by my old house.. even the tall X'mas tree that was there was chopped down

My old house

This current userpic is taken while i was still living there

And my mum used to say i always run to this play ground naked playing the see-saw

...and the see saw isn't there no more

Many things in life are just left as memories we can't remember
never see the pic?

i live in a hdb flat... so... no nostalgic feelings... all the houses all the same...
wait wait wait...

did i hear naked?
yes you did... i was born an exhibitionist!!!

what's there to see regarding a small boy's dick anyway!
can't see the pic?? try again??
anyway i am no longer living in a house (in a condo) so there are quite alot of childhood memories..
running ard cycling ( building treehouses in a nearby jungle)
catching snakes, catching fishes in the nearby canal

and being wacked at home after disappearing for the whole day..
and i was not even 9 or 10
It is quite nice to go back those places that hold your childhood memories... I love going back to my old places where I spent my childhood... they brings lots of things back.... *grinz*
i know i know..must be memories about your childhood lover?? HAHAHAHA
Please lor..... me unwanted okay? Get that in your mind. :(
hmm you sound very pessimistic.
why do you say you are unwanted.
i think no one's unwanted.
there's always someone for everyone
ya i know... but mine have not come yet.. so meanwhile... I am unwanted lor ;P
Currently i dun believe you are unwanted... maybe some one have not have the guts to approach you yet ? or maybe someone has to take the first step?
relax boy! have a tiger!
heehee.. I dislike guys who dun have guts.. I mean I believe if u like a person, then tell him! Use the guts that you use to like him to tell him you like him. I like direct guys... wishy washy is a waste of time hahaha

Er... I dun like tiger beer (if u are talking about drinking). I like long island :P
actually i dun like tiger.. but long island is disgusting
yeah same here. i prefer str8forward people

I like E33 too :P and terqulia heehee..Argh!!! Feel like drink again :P
would like to drink but i have quit drinking already....
sigh drink some more liver spoil
why do everyone seems to live in big houses, condo, etc??? grrr....

okie, next time if you decide to run naked again, inform me first ok?
yes... even from our icons... can be certain we're ready to take shots...

ok... FYI i am now naked using the Com.
ready to shoot?


nothing come out leh!
wah, you mean u are NAKED and try to SHOOT and yet NOTHING comes out?

poor boy...

dirty old man!

okie lah..dun disturb u...:p...wait kena called a name worse than DOM.
hahaha ok lar better stop insulting you...
later you cry
does everyone live in big houses?? well, i dun live in big houses anymore.. hahaha
i am a penniless pauper...

and when the day when i can't afford clothes i might run naked on the streets, probably with some newspaper...

at least you live in a condo... i live in a flat! an old flat! much worst kay..... all my childhood friends moved away already and i'll only be moving end of the year.
not all condos are that glamourous one ok ?
i'd rather stay alone with a loved one in a self bought property.. even a studio apartment or a 3 room flat will be ok
wah..... ok. I'd want to stay with a loved one too. but i'll be an architect then i'll buy land and design my dream home where we can start a family with loads of pets and i want a house with view of the sea.....
sounds very american... it'll be very difficult to find a house with the view of the sea.. at east coast probably.
but then again.. all the best... =)
i will be ecstatic to have a litter of siberian huskies
i can't keep dogs. :( but i'll love persians or siamese cats. I wouldn't mind the Singapura cat also! i heard there aren't any in Singapore anymore... No sea view, Singapore river view also can!
hmmm are there houses near singapore river???
haahaha i only know there are shop houses near there... than again, i think living in a well decorated shop house is very nice indeed!
oh.... but i dun really like cats.... used to keep a fat persian cat but one day it ran away...
I'll be learning how to build and design a 3 storey shophouse when i get into poly for the first yr. So a shophouse will do
i've seen very nice shop houses in real life and on tv...
hmm check out those behind orchard, spottiswoode park and joo chiat...
nice nice places really