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Most amazing night out at siglap. Saw so many long lost friends.
Went for flashypink's farewell dinner with weiqiang2206, abumi, keigo, Audrey and Terrence.
Minutes later, we were unexpectedly joined by my 16yrs of friend Zesen, Jingmin, Patricia, Gean and Brandon.
All of them were either from TPJC or CCH(M) and most of 'em know each other.

Had good fun

JM's Boyfriend... SUPER YANDAO

JM - one of my best choir friends in JC

Bye Bye FlashyPink.. gonna miss you!

one of the few things i really enjoy about seeing old friends...

My fren of 16 years can tell me that no matter how long we've been apart, we still feel so comfortable with each other.
I guess old frens are really like Gold
i also did a little gathering and took pictures sometime back... they're in my lj too...

and yeah...

those were my primary school friends... and we still... i dunno... the feeling was so good to be with them... even though we have grown so much older... but... it was really great to be around with ppl you knew before...


10 years later how?
nabe thats a picture of beer garden !!!! FUCK !!!! idiot !!!!
and do you know what? one of my frens called ZESEN who is apparently ron's poly fren knows you too..
he says you are very psychotic.. hahahahahaha
oh haha ya i know him....kanna talk cock i am how sane can !!
baby, i will miss you too...
..... sad =(
will miss you too...
but it's ok.. the most i will wait is for another year mah.... haha
you must take care of your little boli!
Aiyeeer... Me frm CCH(M) too!!! LOL!!!
Really??? Haha have i see you b4?? Which year and class??
Ummm... 4F... 1993...
I asso from choir.
Ho ho ho...
Also from tpjc...
-bounce bounce-

Were you from the nai soon kway(nelson kwei) time? (So ermm obvious right?)
Or miss prancey queen empress dowager= Angela Quek?
Those were the days.
yes!!!! how come i forgot that you were my junior and OMG yeah it's nelson kwei (AJ) and angela quek!
oh my !!!!! you should noe my batch president chun wai also lar!
why didnt you join amadeus???
yeap yeap....
I know chun wai.
No time la...
Practice on saturdays... How to go..
nelson confirm aj la hah... =)
sent this msg from cowie's house...
He's SO naughty.. keep taking pics of everybody.

Love meeting old frds... but somehow lost most of them... frdship is not that strong after graduated... sad to say that. Manage to have 1 good frd who is still ard with me :)
Taking WHAT PICTURES!!!! NUDE!!???????

Sigh.. infidelity!
Well I have lost almost all contact with my primary school friends and not to mention secondary ones back from home... Guess that is what happens when i left home to study in singapore......Tried meeting a few of them but somehow things have become awkward....sigh....wonder how my best friend is doing in kl.. Havent been in contact for a year plus i think...
Oh yeah i almost forgot you did not come here till few years back...

but i guess gd frens will not feel awkuard with each other's presence? I am sure he misses u as well
haha....we sometimes send email to each other after long long periods to check if we are both still alive somewhere....maybe its time i drop him one.
It's important in any kind of relationships that it takes a lot of initiative to keep it alive,
dun ya think? go drop him a mail!
errr...who belongs to that hairy leg that form the background of the first picture???
errmm your honour, those sexy legs belong to mine
actually JM bfren from the photo resembles JM herself!tink they r meant for each other...got the 'fu qi xiang'
just like you and ronaldo...
.............ya rt