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Thanks to weiqiang2206's spectacular event.

Bitched by local magazine

It says,"Look at the screen, not the camera."

W!!!! Look at what they have written and oh.. there's cowie!

FYI FEMALE MAGAZINE I am LOOKING at the other side of the stage!!! what makes you think i am looking at the camera....


how the heck did u get caught...
I really dunno..
i just remembered there were alot of flash i and just looked around how do i know they were like snapping me??

btw i dun read this magazine it's my fren who told me abt it!
Hmmmm.... U seem to have the habit of turning up in mags... and kenna bitched some more... Heehee

But eh... How come u looked kinda blur huh? As in the expression... Was it that boring??? ;P

ps. U neber close ur tags properly...
i also dunno leh.... but i really innocent lor...
i wasnt really that bored... but i just hasnt seen anything that exciting yet..
and oh... i was looking at the other side of the stage! not at the camera

ps. thanks.. i spelt /centre
heehee... reminds us of the power (evil or otherwise) of copy writers and such... never offend... I know u didn't lah... but who knows, right??? ;>

ps. I think there's something else that's wrong with the tags... ;P
laugh louder hor! all your fault!!
Awww~ You're so KaWaiii~!!!

By the way, what event was this and why were you there?
HoNTO??? arigato gozaimusu!!
hee hee

This is weiqiang2206's Female's Magazine 50 gorgeous people 2002 event lor and i went to support my good fren mah!
And Issac Thia was one of the contestants too
Hai~! Honto desu~!


Oh, so he was part-timing there lah. Waiter or usher?
Which restaurant/event hall/club/community centre was it held at?
And who is Issac Thia??? Got picture?

And how come you weren't in the 50 Gorgeous People 2002?
Must be your competitors sabotaged you right~!!!
Don't worry dear, you're still as Gorgeous and Beautiful in our eyes.

Totemo Honto Desu~!!! MiMi We Will Always Love You~!!!



remember, for every <center> there must be a </center>!
::cheeks bruised::


::swings into rabbit's hide::
Wah...you seem to be in almost every major magazine these days...so famous this boy is....dreaming of being a *Ahem* real actress? *giggle*
haha the last magazine was saboed by cowie lor...
and pls hor i am not famous and no i am not going/dreaming of becoming a celebrity ala Suzanne Stone in TO DIE FOR or Satine ala MOULIN ROUGE!!

isn't it kewl to be a local mini celebrity?
I think he already is, with the amount of exposure he has... in the LJ community anyways...

When can ask for autograph huh???

hahahaha thanks very your support

direct translation ...
" Actually when i step onto the stage everytime to receive a price, I hope to have i have more time to thank all those whom i want to thank. Even though ........ "

you've just said it wolfie!
it's being infamous.....
sigh... i wouldnt like it ..
anyway i have always been notorious for puking
Wow! You so popular ar? Appear in major magazine??!!
hahaha as what my frens had said
it's (in)famous! hahaha
well you can always join the modelling agency! or go to these kinda MEDIA-infested events
how can I join modelling agency? As soon as i walk in their door I'll be thrown out! I don't cut it as a model... don't have the looks.
There there! On the mag!!!!
dun even need to look also can pose. =grin=

So popular!
female mag, I'm sure there'll be people who'll ask and from a far point at you then giggle. =)
oh LITTLE PRINCE!!! long time no see?? when meeting up?? hee hee

anyway my head is SWELLING already and this is NOT a publicity!!!!!
it's NOTORIOUS!!! hahahaahaha
OOooh OOooh..

please sign my autograph please!!!!!

luckily this is not a gay mag..hiaks.
of course lar... straight people surely get featured in straight magazines...

::signs autograph ... - Tom Cruise::