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School's started but still in holiday mood... someone help me please...

Doesn't help that Mama's going Penang tomorrow till Sunday and I can do what I want...

Hmmmm.... while it lasts... Shall extend my holiday mood! WOO HOO!!!
heh heh heh...

::rubs hands::
wah! that's fast... i just posted the journal!!
ok.. plans for the next 3-4 days
staying at home to watch DVDs....
ok lor...

::hides in corner and cries::
hahaha always act cute!!
then i am always the baddie who tortures you and make you cry!! now everyone thinks that i am the devil!!!
well... the goodies always get accused anyway
sigh... cest la vie
but you are the baddie...

always bite me
always make me cry...
who bit me so many times at yn today??
who crashed me at bowling??
who trashed me at chor dai di??


::runs away to one corner and cry::
i din bite u ok?! and i got video evidence of your compulsive masticatory addictions lor...
trashed you at bowling? you weren't that bad wat, you even managed to hit 100! you should congratulate yourself!
trashed you at chor dai di? aiyoh, you're oredi the mahjong queen, lemme be good at something can?!
I can be both witness and evidence.

I STILL have the bite marks to show it~!!!

So Ben, when mahjong followed by club followed by extension at your place?
let's make it this friday???? on on on ???
woo hooo i miss mahjong with you jaer!!!

Bitch, miss mahjong with me, not me... bitch
I miss you laR!!!!! hahahahaha of course i miss you lar!!! but you never miss me one you also never call me out!
What never call you out~!!?? You're the one who's always busy f*****g cows~!!!

Err... oops...
What is BDSM?????!!!! hahaha you very W!!!
anyway i am busy with other things like sch.. not that..and you hardly ask me out for movie!!!

i meant YESTERDAY you bit me very hard ok!!!! errmmmm ben ben saw it also!!!
win me at bowling it's ok.. not when you said you want to triple my scores
and FYI i am not the mahjong queen! you won $11 from me leh!
no lor it didn't happen! show me the teeth marks lor!
hee hee no lah how to triple your score, i'm not as good as kutabare. next time give you 50 pins handicap ok?
and FYI who was the one who was boasting to me "i let you win ok?" in mahjong?! got divineblack as witness...
now now children dun argue.. hahaha :>
you are the youngest lor! tsk tsk tsk
toddler you!
ahem.. I think my looks has deceived u.. lolz
HUH!?? you are older meh!! how can that be???? i thought you are like 20 or 21???
yah.... :> hehehe cannot joke with u huh?
so boy boy.. how old are you??? niaks!!!
okie hehehe.. dont' tell you :P bleAhZz give u a clue.. i didn't grow up in singapore :> secrets of looking young? Romani Gypsy Beauty Secrets :)
you got my tel. no. what.. if you shy then sms me your age lor?? hahahahaha
unless you are older than me..
or btw do you noe how old am i??? haha
i dun have your tel.no... what so shy about my age? u are 22 right :P
then you are 21 ah ???? i am not 22 lar! i am 26!! old liaoz
26????????????? u sure or not!! 26 then u are at NTU?????
because i took my A levels 5 times mah! sobz
oh... okie i was thinking that u were like 21 or 22 .. both u and cowie really don't look your age
ok lar.. i admit i was baking cake what... that's really true lor.. but hmph....
as for the biting... pls dun lie to yourself... God is watchinG!!!
and dun be so confident abt the bowling ok! my first game was 100 and i am sure you are within 50 pins from me lor!
orh ok lor... let's rematch!
date venue and time pls
next weekend lor... OOPS sorry i forgot every weekend you PLAY MAHJONG.
WHERE got every weekend play mahjong! nonsense! hahaha
ok next wkend i challenge you.. loser will eat one packet of oreos
ok lor... but if you end up playing mahjong this week you'll have to eat one packet of oreos.
tap tap... squirt.... inject insulin ....ahhhh so much better
i thought insulin is for diabetes?????
hmmmm and i dun inject alcohol lor! stupid renton i am not and never an alcoholic!!!!
yes you kukubird insulin is for diabetes which i am abt to get becasuse you too are too sweet !
OOHHHHHH!!! this is the FIRST time you said i am SWEET!!!!!
but i thought i am scolding you..
perhaps you are masochistic...
hmmm.... errrmmmm but nm...
i need one of those shots too... hahaha you're both turnin into milksops... lol
i want someone to be sappy and saccharine sweet with toooooooo.... >=(
i thought you got international lovers so i heard!!! hahaha
so dun be greedy.. well if you insist on not telling the truth..
you can come back sg and get sweet and sappy with me ooi??
I'm just sitting here watching the 2 cuties fight.

Someone still owe me a mouthful orh. next time he drunk, then I go take a big big bite.
Oh MM you can forget about it..
NOT GETTING DRUNK is one of my new year's resolutions.. i mean... w.e.f 16.01.03
You get drunk one time, I bite one time...BIG BIG BITE.

And that's the gospel truth.
OK OK OK!!! if i DO get drunk.,.... i will TRY very HARD i will be SHUNNING you or... hmmm..... when you are NOT around!
hahahaha no more koala jumps !! hahaha
the last time i heard someone say sayonara oka-san was in a very different context...so i was kinda shocked when i saw the title of the post! but CHOY CHOY CHOY!
oh PLEASE!!! if that really happens dun think i will be online toking cock!! hahahahaha
wooooozzzzzzz CHOY CHOY CHOY TOUCH WOOD!!!