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After buying toto for so long, i finally strike toto! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

but... it's only $20 ... better than nothing... Good way to start a new year!
how many packets of KAKA would that be?

or u could use this winnings to bribe someone to take the puke video offline?

ARRGGGHHHHH!!!! what is this about my video!!! sigh.. now i am inFAMOUS

as for the kaka, i will pass you some... I CAN't FINISH em anyway!
Definitely off to a good start.
xi guan cheng zi ran.
good start yeah... but what dya mean by xi guan cheng zi ran?
it's natural to buy toto ??? hahaha
win a few more times, then it will become natural lor....now you just have to get a few more numbers right.

Then remember to treat supper and drinks hor. ;P

Lucky you..I've NEVER ever striked Toto..always 2 or 3 numbers :x maybe out of desperation I would resort to unnatural means hahaha :>
this time i've striked 3 numbers PLUS an additional no.
hmmmmmm you mean you will sell your backside for money??
choy.. anyhow say.. virgin okie! :> unnatural means unconventional ways to strike ToTo :>
is that your rabbit? very very cute!!!
it's my best friends..yeah it's indeed very cute..that's why i took a picture of it :>
I've never win ToTo before too.. only with 4D

But lately.. sianzzzz.. NOTHING man!
Now someone looks so decent... :x
I am decent wat...
You? Decent?!

AND Down-to-Earth TOO!

sigh... i never get to strike 4D yet lor... poor luck recently.
Wah yubin!! congrats! :) Wish you "cai yun gun gun" this year! :)
oh darlink bobo! i also hope so!!! if it really happens i buy you free ciggies! hahahaha
Hope your year will be filled with good good mahjong games. =)
And whatever you buy. -grin-

Can I get Ang bao too?
-offers oolong tea under angsana tree-
hmph i drink oolong tea everyday lidat i got alot of sworn brothers and sisters already ah??
you better get me some ginseng tea and we go chinese garden look for some errr whatever peach tree they have and conduct the ceremony there!!
OK... ermmm my grade of ginseng tea .... wait not good enough for you how?
I'm very bad at rejections. (-_-)
::takes toto ticket, keeps $20::
steal my money!! i need it for investment!
but but... your money is my money, and my money is also my money!