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Again, a new year is arriving... At least I achieved something during 2002 that I always wanted...
I drove a Merz SL convertible!!!!
Yeap yeap... it's a GREAT new year ahead! =)
And it's goanna be good!
Hope you had a good year and a better one ahead.
It was SWELL knowing you.
Mister korkor ben =P
didnt know that i had a didi already.. hahahaha it's great knowing little prince too ! hahaha
Heee... now have lor! =)
Happy happy happy new year!
but we havent gone thru the necessary rituals and you need to serve me tea under the blossoms tree!
Wah.. is jia bai xiong di le... not zhuo jie mei....
Ok lor... anything you say. =)
ur dad GAVE that to you?
lucky ass!
Hahahahaha No lar! How I WISH! It's my friend's car. Borrowed it for a test drive... SHIOK!
Take me for a spin!!!!
Today's big sweep = $1,500,000
If i strike that...... yeah i'll get one nicer one and go for a spin! hahaha
Soooo cuteeee!!
Happy New Year!!
The brand new SL model?????? ARGHS!!! ::envious::
It's not the brand new one... actually a few yrs old already....
envious... sigh....
::lick lick::
HAPPY NEW YEAR WOLFIE!!!!!!! hope you will get a hp this yr!!!
I don't want a handphone!!
hmmmmm then what do you want??? MEEEE????????
i want. i-pod. and PS2:)
and band can only start production after I break with a particular someone.
Where's mine with diamonds and pearls?

Aiyah, hurry up and break with a particular someone lor.

Hmmm... who har?
act blur only... YOU lar!!!! everyone knows you are his unfaithful wife!
how come i have no f*** my unfaithful wife yet?
well. jaer told me you guys do it every fortnight...
OI~! I have a reputation to maintain ok~!

Werd's my bitch but I'm not his wife~!

Besides, he has his "F*** Mi F*** Mi~!" Doll that requires a F*** Mi every morning and evening, else it'll explode and drama everyone to death.

bweah to your reputation

can I have ******?
omg he has a DOLL?? does vester know abt it??
notti notti
why must break up then can do the bands leh? WEIRD!!! anyway stop mentioning breakup leh! so bad!
erm. orh. not my fault. me at my limits liao
Ren yi shi feng ping lang jing
Tui yi bu hai kuo tian kong
So when you going to drive me around in that car?
Haha aiyah tell you already NOT my car! i WISH i can drive that CAR EVERYDAY lor! sigh sigh
I can drive you if you want. Hehehe~!
oh too bad but you are a bottom!
go find a spider!
Oh, you are mistaken. I can drive you to heaven and hell and back, you horny bottom you.
everyone knows you are the ENDURANCE queen lor!!!! hahahahahha
The imagery is soooo wrong.
what imagery?? hahahahaha ohhhh confused!
Jaer going on and on, enduring and enduring, screaming for more and more....
Wow Yeepin!! That's so cool!! :)
oh BOBO hahaha yeah this is so sexciting! hahahaha wait till i get my own we go for a spinny!