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It's been long since i updated cos my internet connection is down as i just changed my internet connection from magix to singnet broadband 512.

Enjoying my holidays very much.. went to Genting, KL, endless drinks, endless mahjong sessions, the return of flashypink.... how i wish all these will never end. But while things end, enjoy good things while it lasts. I think it applies for all cases... doesn't it?

Took some snaps.. probably would've seen 'em at cowie's journal. Ah... but what the heck.

Divine, me and cowie enjoying the cool weather.. Shiok

A very nice photo i took ( i think ) of tacuma at Third world hotel

The five of us outside a silly haunted house trying to scare us

Smoking coloured ciggies after a shopping spree at Star Hill

Not being obstentatious, but my new beloved possessions

haha .. a classic.. stole this poster at the hawker streets at 3+am

... and Ms Black showing off his divine figure...
i'm still sore that we didn't take a picture in foggy surroundings... *sulks*

You're still sore and that you didn't take a picture when you were in foggy surroundings doing what??? And where are you sore???

My my, haven't you guys been naughty...
sigh... http://www.dictionary.com

sore adj
1. painful or tender because of an injury, infection, or unaccustomed exercise
2. causing annoyance or embarrassment
3. angry or irritated, especially because of something said or done by another person in the recent past (informal)
4. requiring urgent action to provide relief
5. causing great worry or distress (literary)

you are obviously unfamiliar with this word, having such a loose orifice in the rear through injury, infection and regular accustomed exercise... there are other meanings apart from (1), now you know ok?
where did you get this user pic??
this one? photos.yahoo.com/ongyeepin... haha...
hmph! without permission
That's because he wants you to spank him more.

Just like how I spank you.

*** SpanK SpanK SpanK ***
oh dun remember you spanking me but i do remember you BEGGINg me to let me SPANK your butt cheeks until they bleed
you SM queen!
That was YOU, my dear.

My hands are still sore from spanking and f!ng3&!ng and f!st!ng you.
No, I am familiar with all the other meanings and usages of the word.

But when used in context with you, all know that there can be only one explanation, which is your having such a loose orifice in the rear through injury, infection and regular accustomed exercise... and with varied objects.

Didn't you even openly complained when you returned from the trip that your butt is sore as well?
Now now, denial will do you no good.
oh yah shld have known that you're familiar the usage of the word sore, i.e. how you earned (or rather, erhrn'd) the title of endurance queen... :-P
Coming from a REAL Hardcore BDSM Queen, I'll take that as a compliment.
haha and proud of it!

GROSS!! didn't know you are a hardcore SM queen
HeLLo~? Just look at his LJ icon.

And there are his tendencies to pinch, bite, claw, etc etc etc.

The signs are all there for those who has eyes to see.

Now SPanK him~! You know he likes it~!
but i am NOT into SM mah...... hahahahaha i am gentle and kind
hahahaha why must you always BITCH inside my lj no matter how innocent the journal or the comments may be ? sigh...
Well... I'm not sure actually....

Maybe your entries are very bitchable material?
HELLO i am just saying how my trip went???!!! anything WRONG with that? hahaha
Oh, you want me to whip you again?
But it was only a few hours ago since I spanked you.
Oh well...

*** WhiP ***

Hmmm... see what I mean?



I want a million bucks?
How about a million spanks?

Your pain, will be exquisite...
ok time and venue..... will be there rain or shine
i did take one outside the cave but didnt have us in it... sigh.... we go next week again lor?
haha yah victoria's looking for kakis to go with him... :-)
ok... so genting next wk
1. victoria
2. jaer
3. jiawei

sounds like some raunchy sex trip
I'm DEFINITELY NOT going if it's a sex trip amongst the people who are going.
well it's YOU who suggested it
I suggested a trip looking for sex. NOT sex with the people who are going.
I am NOT going to have anything intimate with victoria, save winning her money.

wah lan she won the most yesterday lor!!!! shit i just dun have the chance to seat before him! you ah and that lao chio keep feeding him!
Hey, I was very HARD working already ok~
and I lost the most... ="(
actually i lost more than you lor... just that victoria owes me money mah
Woah~! You were in a cave? Who's cave?? Doing what???

Damned, I should have gone to this sex trip....
changing my BATMAN suit!
Ah.... yes... Backman is back to bend for all over again.
too bad i can't tahan 3 hours
too bad i can't tahan 2
Yes. God knows you can. And so does everyone else.
And Heaven Knows you are lying and i am bein truthful!
Stop lying you endurance queen!
Well, it's your words against mine.
Stop lying you loose queen!

hahaha it's now my, yubin's and tacuma's words against yours!!! YOU LOSE!!! HAHAHAHAHA....
I'm not the Lose Queen, Yubin is.
You are biased so none of your words can be taken into account.
Tacuma is influenced by your words, ie useless and also cannot be taken into account.
Therefore it is still my words against the Loose Queen's.
you then loose endurance queen!! whatever!!! what does it got to do with me!!!