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Two years ago, my brother ate aussie's famous mud crab and broke his tooth
Two years later, i ate SNOW crab and broke my tooth. I think i swallowed it.
Kinda genetic eh? But wow, one snow crab alone costs $125 and it's damn nice.. with cheese..

Now i kinda look like an idiot, complete with botak head and one of my front teeth halfed.
Gonna fix up my whole life after my exams.

Gonna make sure i dun get into the habit of sleepin at 6am ( it's now 5am and here i am )
All thanks to nocturnal animals around me.
oh wat happened???? yanw.. studying for my paper on tuesday.......
haha think my calcium intake has always been low..... sorta allergic to milk when i was young... remember? haha... got paper on tuesday too! but your last paper rite? sigh
oh ok.. aiyah.. we'll get to party soon.. well.. first time during exams period every week also still party... I'm going to make a decision that might destroy my whole life.. tell u more abt it when i get it done...........
i think i am no better .... sigh.... at least for the past weekend did not really club nor get drunk... but no better lar... wasting a lot of time...
study hard for your last paper.. and yeah tell me about 'it' see ya real soon
Haha, well careful there.

I was worse, I didn't break my own tooth, I broke my brother's one when we were young. =P
But... but I was still younggggg............ =P
Was in a shallow swimming pool having fun and my brother was "scuba diving" in the pool.... -go figure-


All the best for exmas though.
wow... you are ( were ) quite violent eh ? haha but hmmm i can't figure HOW did you do it...

Can't wait for saturday!
I wasn't violent!!! I swear!! -Puts 2 fingers up-

Nah... was sorta an accident.
My brudder's still got the lil chip there to prove it. lol =)

Yeah saturday is good.
what kinda accident? kinky water wrestling ? hahaha anyway how dya noe sat will be good? i mean my exams finish this sat... cant' wait! gonna go for bbq, clubbing..... you going anywhere to club ?
I'm not a hardcore clubber lar...
Music's usually not good.
And no group to go with so hardly go.
Anyway all the best for your exams yeah?
Take care

Back to camp for me.
yeah i agree i think centro's music's the best....
you are 8-5?? enjoy yourself in camp
YES! YES! Centro music is ze BEST! I must concur.

LilPrince...I thought I saw you at Centro on Sunday? ;P
and how can you say you got no kakis to go Centro...
so many of us are regulars already.

Arthur BenT Christian,
chipped tooth also quite sexy wat...exudes a certain macho manliness.
just make up a story about how you got into a fight or something. ;P
(just dun say that you got it eating snow crab...not very masculine)..kekeke

also, kissing that time also quite erotic. Your kisser (vs kissee) can run her/his tongue along the grooves, the sharp breakline...linger linger and stroke stroke.

anyhow, which tooth did you break? incisor, canine or molar.
I'm sure a dentist can fix it.

hahaha you are damn funny lor.
ok .... i was fighting with a giant snow crab that's why i broke my tooth hahaha
but still i dun think it's sexy lar... maybe in a kinky way...

yeah the dentist can fix it... i am sure.. visiting my cousin who's a dentist someday this week

and abt kissing.... hmmmmm the hole's not that big in between my tooth so i dun think so
You must be KIDDING!
I stay in....
There's your infantry beret eh?
Look -spanking- good soldier. =P

Camp ain't really much an enjoy thing heh.
Have a very long weekend this week, thankfully.
Just came back.

I never want to step in there, wanted to go for the first time on sunday last week, got rejected cause I was wearing sandals and the queue was so horribly long, I figured I'd rather not go in and drank at gloria's.
Oh well so much for clubbing.
hmmm shld at least just experience if you have not been there
yeah i am infantry trained... but my vocation is hmmmm haha paiseh better dun say..
enjoy your service while you can haha
and yes enjoy your weekend! my last paper tomorrow.. gonna play like crazy
Haha... enjoy your weekend then.
Infantry trained? Spec?
Look so dashing in your beret lol.
Dai lu mao. =P

I wear lan mao. =)
Signaller. Heh
Take care!
i got lu mao and lan mao too... hehe cos i am an infantry trained spec working in an engineer camp....
which camp?
Don't tell me 35 SCE ah?
Cannot be la. =P
i used to teach 35's recruits though
Haha.... well it'd be nice to see someone in the unit...
Everyone else is SO boring....
hmmm wouldnt be scary... unless you are directly under me hahahaha
You wouldn't be sadistic to me now..
Woulllllld you.
-blinks- =)

I'm such a good soldier. =P
You're a SG or LT?
haha you are a good soldier? i wouldnt know abt that.
hmmm you find out yourself lar haha i am an instructor that's all i can say haha
Find out MYSELF??!!
How am I GOANNA do that?
Stalk you?
You inviting me to stalk you ah?
Tsk tsk, so daring.

Well since you doubt that I'm a good soldier....
Okkkkkk lor.

TRY stalking me! hahaha
dun think you will do that hahaha
you do look like an obedient soldier ..
but looks are deceiving
OH my......
Wha...... that was WAYYYYY under the BELT!

TRY stalking you?
Haha, you live on such adrenaline don't you. =)
Bet you have enough anyway...

How was the weekend anyway?
I'm sure ya enjoyed lots.
Mine was utterly boring, rain got in.
Although I love the rain, everything else was still as a stone gargoyle.

Anyway have a great week.
you are wrong... weekend wasnt great as i wanted it to be...
long story
now living a boring life dunno wat to do everyday! prolly go find a job...
ok..... waiting for stalkers to make my life interesting
You mean I'm already not doing that?

I couldn't even STALK you even if I wanted to,
Army's taking too much time.

Well I'm sure we get our good ones and bad ones too. Mine was actually really horrid and boring too. *heh* =)

I'm back from exercise today, having NO and feeling sick so came back home.

Well what job ya intending to take?
hmmmmm market's so bad wun be able to find any good job lately
any recommendations?
hmmmmmm just quit army lar!
*smacks yubin*
Just cause you're already out!
Of course you can say that !!!!!!!!!!
-kokz yubin AGAIN!-

What did you study anyway.....

A chipped tooth = added cuteness no?


botak head = not cute
chipped tooth = not cute
not cute x not cute = very cute
i know you want to puke now.........
a handsome face = very cute
a beautiful body = very cute
very cute x very cute = very cute

thats more like it... grinz...guess who i am describing?
doesnt sound like me leh cos i am sure you wouldn't know how does my body look like... rite? or am i wrong ? hmmm
then who else can it be? someone else i also know? takenouchi yutaka?
haha, on cloud 9 already loh..
hmmm nope... it should be...
back to reality
me lah